The HEDCen Library

Resource Center for Discovery and Learning


The HEDCen Library is open to all bona fide students, faculty, and staff of the Holistic Education and Development Center.

STUDENTS may borrow three (3) circulation (nonfiction) books and three (3) fiction books for one (1) week (excluding Holidays, Weekends, and Suspended Class days), except for EARLY GRADE STUDENTS, who are only allowed one (1) book a week. Items are renewable once. Students with loaned out items will not be allowed to borrow additional books.

ADMINISTRATION and FACULTY may borrow ten (10) circulation (nonfiction) books and three (3) fiction books for one (1) month, and ten (10) textbooks / teacher’s guide books for one (1) school year. All materials must be returned on the last week of the school year for inventory.

EMPLOYEES may borrow five (5) circulation books, and three (3) fiction books for one (1) month. Items are renewable once.

All ALUMNI and PARENTS are welcome to stay and conduct research in the library. However, they may only use the resource materials in the library.

RESEARCHERS from other schools or office may use the library upon presentation of a valid school ID, a referral letter from the office or school librarian, and a payment of the library fee which is Php50.00 per day. Private researchers may only use the resource materials in the library.


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